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The Do Something Different (DSD) initiative is a social campaign that aims to put out a different activity based on a unique theme every week for three months.

Organised by CultureRun, the Do Something Different campaign intends to inspire young Malaysians to learn or try something new and exciting every week. The initiative is one that was created after realising the lack of new activities for young Malaysians.

by Victor Yap

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Avengers Assemble! Who’s excited about the Avengers movie? That one could be the ultimate comic book movie crossover, getting (almost) all the prime Marvel movie superheroes in one flick.

This is nothing new, though, as movies based on superhero comic books have been around for a while. Superman’s animated shorts were screened in cinemas starting 1941-43 and the first recognised Marvel film was the Captain America serial in 1944.

However, it must be said that this new surge of popularity is a new age of superhero films. Throughout the ‘90s, comic book movies had a bunch of hits and misses, creating cult-classics, popular franchises as well as flops as the years went on.

by Rauf Fadzilla

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The plot to expose the conspiracy continues as we examine the actual cheap, plastic toys found inside the boxes and compare them against the propaganda machine's (TV commercial's) created perception.

Previously, we analysed the connection between the social media generation's/ Generation Y's obsession with trinkets. The result of the cheap toy manufacturer's dastardly and ingenious plot to create a generation obsessed with the small things.

by Amir Hafizi

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Soon there might be no more ISA. Here's a list of things to do in case you want to experience the ISA before it ceases to exist. No guarantees, folks.

by Victor Yap

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Ever felt like you could cook a storm and be great at it after watching some cooking shows on the Asian Food Channel or one whole season of MasterChef US? And still look good while you’re at it?

It’s pretty simple to emulate the cooking style and flair like those seen on the TV. While trying to be like Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson will be a tall order, some of their practiced ease in the kitchen can certainly be copied. Being dashing and looking stylish like them while they cook is an even easier task.

5 Meals in Under 30 Minutes

by Amir Hafizi

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I don’t feed anyone with the meals I cook, for fear of being charged with manslaughter. However, on my own, they are great money and time-savers.

Furthermore, it makes me feel rugged and independent - to be able to cook for myself - as opposed to those namby-pamby men who can’t survive on their own. I take out all the unnecessary stuff and only take the recipes at their empirical state, meaning these are in no way fancy dishes, but barbaric to the core.

by Hadi M. Nor
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I have been staring at this blank sheet of digital paper for about 10 minutes now. It is annoying, really, for a writer to see a blank sheet of paper without knowing what to do with it.

Do you want to write a fiction piece but you just couldn’t finish or even start? Like the words of a famous Internet meme, “I know that feel, bro.” because I also love to write fiction but find myself stuck in the middle of the process.

Fret not, for I will share with you about how I deal with writer’s block!

by Rauf Fadzilla

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The original anti-hero of the Marvel Universe...who strangely did not get an entry in the article below
The verdict is in. Tough guys rule and dweebs drool. Judging from the trend that has steadily progressed in recent years across all mediums of popular culture (movies, games, comics...etc), it would seem that we now prefer our heroes bloodier and towing the line between "good" and "bad".

Personally, I’ve always been more interested in the darker side of life and by the meaner characters that inhabit the fictitious worlds of popular culture. It took a while, but it would seem that I'm not alone anymore (thank God).

by Amir Hafizi

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It was the lowest point of my life. And it started with eating an entire chicken.

I went home from work after buying an ‘ayam golek’ (rolling chicken) and ate it all to get enough energy to tell this one girl I loved her. Then I went to a pub, told her, got rejected, and was - after midnight - on my ass, my legs spread out in front of me, puking while making sure none of the vomit touch my jeans, crying my eyes out, and hailing a cab.

All throughout this ordeal, the only thing inside my head was, “What are the top five songs for breakups or to crash and burn?”