by Hadi M. Nor

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Some of us were not born with the talent of waking up on time in the morning. Even with the help of an alarm clock, we somehow manage to ignore its calling. It’s easy to do this especially if you’re a heavy sleeper like myself. The snooze button has been a very understanding friend of mine all these years but it has pampered me too much. For all heavy sleepers around the world, we need hard-love.

These are some of the alarm clocks that are made not only to wake you up but to annoy you by doing so.


We’ll Only Vote Online

by Rauf Fadzilla

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It’s been two months since the Election Commission reported that 3.7 million Malaysians aged 21 and above have not registered as voters, and looks like they are still doing nothing about it. Nothing effective, at least. 

It’s been two months since the Election Commission reported that 3.7 million Malaysians aged 21 and above have not registered as voters, and looks like they are still doing nothing about it. Nothing effective, at least.

by Amir Hafizi

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I’ll tell you a secret - I never had money to buy comics as a child. My family was poor, so the only thing I could do to enjoy comics (and I do love them) was to read newspapers and online reviews of comics. Only after I landed a job did I finally manage to buy all the comics I wanted... and get myself into credit card debt, but that’s another story. 

For years, in order to borrow comics from my geekier friends, I faked it. I didn’t lie. I just faked it, and no other comics fans figured it out. Or so I think.

by Amir Hafizi

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Thailand is just great, fantastic fun. I didn’t spend five years in Thailand, but I did spend most of my vacation time in Thailand for five years. What I discovered was a wealth of beauty, fun and excitement. I really do love Thailand, believe it is the source of all power, and I’m sharing all of it with you right here, right now.

Here are some of my best discoveries in Bangkok and Phuket, for those new explorers:

Marvel Vs DC

by Amir Hafizi

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The giant Marvel vs DC fight was over more than a decade ago, as comics fans generally grew up and took on a (hopefully) more mature stand and viewpoint of the medium. Still, the companies fight to make more money and generate more interest in a declining medium, but the fans today are calmer and much harder to be turned into mindless zealots, we pray.

The people who still think a Marvel vs DC stand-off is good may be people insecure with their sexuality or girls who think that the world is always divided by grouchy fights between two sides.


Alternatives to Expensive Weddings

by Amir Hafizi
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Today’s weddings are purely egotistical, in the sense it is done simply to show off to other people, or to maintain ‘face’ value, which is not real value. The truth remains that no matter how successful your wedding is, if your marriage sucks, it sucks. Especially if the foundation is pure fakery and delusion.

A wedding nowadays can cost you anywhere between RM30,000 - RM120,000 for us normal people. For the ‘special ones’, you might be spending around RM1-RM3 million.  I say screw expensive weddings.

by Amir Hafizi

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Recently, I got hooked with a game called Call of Gods by Koramgame and for the first time ever, I spent RM20 to buy virtual gold coins. What did I do with the gold? Sacrificed one of my heroes to level up another one.

It was thrilling, to have some ‘gold coins’ that only money can buy (no in-game mechanics allow you to get gold coins), and pretty soon, I spent another RM50 to sacrifice another hero and buy materials with which I can transmute into some great equipment.


Which Sell-Out Movie To Make

by Amir Hafizi

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Some film producers and hopefuls or wannabes in this country talk of taking their films overseas. In this case, it is perhaps best to do what you do best and tell stories only you can tell. Statistics do not help you make a better movie.

If you make movies based on statistics, you’re being insincere in your craft and your movies will be forgotten even if you hop up and down naked, wearing a sandwich board with the movie’s poster for the rest of your natural life.


How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

by Amir Hafizi

So you check your credit card bills either online or you’re reading the statement they send you every month. Your knees start to shake - and not with pleasure. Your mouth becomes dry and makes an ‘O’ as you put your hands on your cheeks. 

Everything in this world seems to melt away in a spiral of colours. You are either stuck in an Edvard Munch painting, an over-the-top drama queen, or you are in credit card debt!

by Amir Hafizi

Forget Hang Tuah. Malaysia is rich with traditional folklore and stories that can and should be adapted to more modern mediums.
A lot of these ‘fairy tales’ (which contain very little in terms of fairies) are almost forgotten - some don’t even know the difference between Pak Kadok, Pak Pandir and Lebai Malang. Go on, admit it.

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And if he meditates long enough, he’ll have Plutonium Scales. That, or just mould.
1. Naga Tasik Chini
The Lore:
There are two dragons in Tasik Chini, not just one. And they fight other dragons from other places such as Thailand. This is all captured in Aripin Said’s book Juara Yang Tewas which retells the oral tradition of the story.

by Amir Hafizi

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Nothing makes a woman more breathless than a man who knows what he’s doing. Especially in the kitchen.

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, we men can always rely on machines. Awesome ones that can make her say, “Oh! Did both the temperature and humidity level just rise simultaneously or is it me? Because I’m getting quite hot.”