By Rauf Fadzilla

Imagine people halfway across the world using coins with your face on it....
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Do you intend to be a blip on the radar? Remember you only have this one chance, this one life to make your mark, to shine, to leave something behind, to be remembered, to make a difference.

Alexander the Great conquered and ruled over most of the known world. Imagine how it must feel to have people in several continents using coins with your face on it?
Benjamin Franklin discovered the electricity that powers our homes, factories and cities.

By Rauf Fadzilla

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Bowling alleys are the most romantic places on earth. The earth shattering sound of pins hitting the floor. The (usually) soft, dim lighting, the private booths, all add up to the perfect location for a first, second or even third date.

And then there's the not so subtle suggestive imagery of balls and pins, of sticking fingers into the holes of the bowling ball...etc.


The Art of Multitasking

by Rauf Fadzilla

Now that's what I call multitasking!
If 21st century life makes you feel like somebody with a constant (and severe) case of attention deficit disorder, fear not, you are not alone.
Being able to juggle more than two things at any one time and focus on completing all your tasks at the same time is a necessary skill for any aspiring domestic hero.


Subculture fastforward

By Rauf Fadzilla

What would the future be like?
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Anthropologist Dick Hebdige wrote that subcultures can be identified through their fashions, mannerisms, and slang. They have their own belief system that outsiders might not understand.
I've always had an interest in futurism and long ago before my metamorphosis into a hairy chain smoking writer materialised, I dreamt of being a futurist.


Dream Walkers part 1

By Rauf Fadzillah 

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What is the dream realm?
Conventional science tells us that dreams are a collection of images, sounds and other stimuli that we receive during the day. But people have been able to foresee future events, communicate with departed loved ones and discover things that they never would have known through harnessing the power of their dreams. 

So what is the dream realm? 

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The Do Something Different (DSD) initiative is a social campaign that aims to put out a different activity based on a unique theme every week for three months.

Organised by CultureRun, the Do Something Different campaign intends to inspire young Malaysians to learn or try something new and exciting every week. The initiative is one that was created after realising the lack of new activities for young Malaysians.

by Victor Yap

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Avengers Assemble! Who’s excited about the Avengers movie? That one could be the ultimate comic book movie crossover, getting (almost) all the prime Marvel movie superheroes in one flick.

This is nothing new, though, as movies based on superhero comic books have been around for a while. Superman’s animated shorts were screened in cinemas starting 1941-43 and the first recognised Marvel film was the Captain America serial in 1944.

However, it must be said that this new surge of popularity is a new age of superhero films. Throughout the ‘90s, comic book movies had a bunch of hits and misses, creating cult-classics, popular franchises as well as flops as the years went on.

by Rauf Fadzilla

Read Part 1 right here.

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The plot to expose the conspiracy continues as we examine the actual cheap, plastic toys found inside the boxes and compare them against the propaganda machine's (TV commercial's) created perception.

Previously, we analysed the connection between the social media generation's/ Generation Y's obsession with trinkets. The result of the cheap toy manufacturer's dastardly and ingenious plot to create a generation obsessed with the small things.

by Amir Hafizi

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Soon there might be no more ISA. Here's a list of things to do in case you want to experience the ISA before it ceases to exist. No guarantees, folks.

by Victor Yap

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Ever felt like you could cook a storm and be great at it after watching some cooking shows on the Asian Food Channel or one whole season of MasterChef US? And still look good while you’re at it?

It’s pretty simple to emulate the cooking style and flair like those seen on the TV. While trying to be like Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson will be a tall order, some of their practiced ease in the kitchen can certainly be copied. Being dashing and looking stylish like them while they cook is an even easier task.