By Rauf Fadzilla

What would the future be like?
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Anthropologist Dick Hebdige wrote that subcultures can be identified through their fashions, mannerisms, and slang. They have their own belief system that outsiders might not understand.
I've always had an interest in futurism and long ago before my metamorphosis into a hairy chain smoking writer materialised, I dreamt of being a futurist.

A futurist is a man (or woman) who dreams/ cooks up possibilities based on present day trends and scenarios for what the future might hold.

Human culture is a big mash up, a mix of different cultures, philosophies and principles. The punk mohawk (tomahawk) for example is a manifestation of aggression and is derived from the Native American Indian.

Here then is a quick look at how several of our beloved local (Malaysian) subcultures would probably evolve in 100, 150 heck maybe even a thousand years time, taking into account technological advances that help enhance the experience and create more of a sense of belonging for followers within the subculture group.

1) Puzzlers
A future variation of sudoku/ rubix cube fanatics, obsessed with puzzles of all shapes and forms.
Physical modifications: Mostly to do with alterations of the mental cranial cavity in order to stimulate problem solving skills. They may even, in extreme circumstances create intricate puzzles through an ingenious mix of implants and body art called body secretism.

Hangout areas: Board game shops, card game shops...

2) Skaters

You've definitely seen these guys, doing their wheelies and ollies and kickflips. The skater boys and gals of the future however, have taken things to a whole new level.

Physical modifications:  These extreme skaters have evolved to grow wheels on their feet which usually is done through a process called transgrindism in which long metallic plates with wheels are fused with the bottom of the feet.  These implants are retractable and can be flipped back into the feet in order to facilitate normal walking. When skating, the implanted wheel rod can be flipped back out with just the touch of a button. Comes with 2 free sets of premium skate wheels.

Hangout areas: Anywhere. Seriously, anywhere....

3) B- boy/ break dancers
These guys can be found around Sungeiwang plaza and Bintang Walk doing their awesome, twirly whirly break dances.

Physical modifications: Helicopter propellers, turbines and anything else fitted into their bodies that can facilitate spinning at high speeds. The B-boy/ break dancer of the future looks a lot like a demented transformer in baggy pants, shirts and baseball caps.

Hangout areas: Unfortunately, still Sungeiwang plaza and Bintang Walk

4) Extreme mods or Mod x

An extension of the subculture of vehicle modifiers known as mods, these guys have a fetish for extreme physical modification made available by the technologies of the future.

Physical modifications: Purely physical, these modifications transcend the limits of humanity and wreak havoc and confusion on natural law. Elongated arms may be fitted to mimic ape walking, implants may be inserted into the iris to enable 360 vision. No rules apply with Mod X and any form of physical modification that frightens, amazes and allows you to perform extreme feats goes.

Hangout areas: Back lanes, alleys and other dodgy, dingy places with cool, dim lighting

Music: speed metal

5) Feng Tau Ah Beng

These guys practically need no introduction. This superior breed of (mostly) Chinese youth, they delight in outdoing each other in racing skills and vehicle modifications. These chaps are inspired by 'Too Fast Too Furious' as well as other similar titles.

Physical modifications- Permanent colouring of the hair and insane bass modifications on their souped up cars.

Hangout areas: Bandar Sunway, in front of clubs, anywhere they can rev their engines and thump their cheesy cantopop/ dance tunes on their  loudspeakers.

6) Mat Rempit

If you thought the roads of the future were safe from the motorcycled menace of the mat rempit, you thought wrong...
Daredevil stunts abound in the future and these gung ho Malaysian road warriors have kept up with the times for the good (or not so good) of all mankind.

Physical modifications: Extendable feet/ extra set of legs/ leg modifications are part of the Mat Rempit's future anatomy. These allow dazzling feats, ability to manipulate throttles and gears and not to forget, perform the legendary (infamous) 'Superman'!. Unfortunately, crash helmets implanted into the head seem to be out of the question.
These Mat Rempits of the future have also modified their simple bikes to better maneuver the treacherous 'wheelie' and perform stunts never before seen by the human eye.

Hangout areas: petrol stations, street corners and empty (or sometimes not so empty) roads

7) Korean dramas

The Korean drama fans (this also includes those pesky K pop fanatics) who fastidiously dress to mimic their favourite Korean celebrities and religiously follow their every move in the future have...evolved to become koreans.

Wouldn't the world be a much better place if everyone looked like this?

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