By Rauf Fadzilla

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Bowling alleys are the most romantic places on earth. The earth shattering sound of pins hitting the floor. The (usually) soft, dim lighting, the private booths, all add up to the perfect location for a first, second or even third date.

And then there's the not so subtle suggestive imagery of balls and pins, of sticking fingers into the holes of the bowling ball...etc.

A staple of romantic comedies, it's no wonder that bowling remains among one of the top activities for singles clubs.

If your an ace at the game, take this opportunity to impress your date with some solid moves.
If you're not, make her laugh by imitating a flailing chicken on the dance floor.

Ever wonder why they make those rental bowling shoes so hideous?. It's to prevent anyone from stealing them but they also serve as an apt reminder that it's what on the inside not the outside that counts (unless your feet smell, in which case you should keep those hideous bowling shoes on at all costs).
Bowling is the backbone of a healthy relationship.

I know this because I took my first girlfriend bowling on our very first date and it was an experience that we relived several times a year until she left me for her Spanish tennis coach while I was saving up to take her on an expensive holiday.

If you're on a budget, bowling won't blow a hole in your pocket.
If you're rich, it'll help you find out whether she's into you for you or for your money.
If the ball is too heavy for her to lift, play the knight in shining armour and give her a 'helping hand', chicks love it when you help them carry a ball that's too heavy.

Then, take her by the waist and show her how to execute the perfect throw.
Problems may arise though.
Make sure your date's not too competitive or you may end up losing your mojo and fall flat on your face.
If you arrived alone, never fear, there are plenty of uncool people that you can hang out with. They're easy to spot and usually play 10 pin bowling on weekends and make lots and lots of noise. Who knows, one of them may be cute.

You can do it in a group, you can do it solo or in pairs...
You may just meet the love of your life at a bowling alley but take my advice, play it safe and bring a date.