By Rauf Fadzilla

Imagine people halfway across the world using coins with your face on it....
Pix Credit: http://www.coinsoftime.com/Articles/Coins_of_Alexander_the_Great.html

Do you intend to be a blip on the radar? Remember you only have this one chance, this one life to make your mark, to shine, to leave something behind, to be remembered, to make a difference.

Alexander the Great conquered and ruled over most of the known world. Imagine how it must feel to have people in several continents using coins with your face on it?
Benjamin Franklin discovered the electricity that powers our homes, factories and cities.

By Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: marieclaire.com
Bowling alleys are the most romantic places on earth. The earth shattering sound of pins hitting the floor. The (usually) soft, dim lighting, the private booths, all add up to the perfect location for a first, second or even third date.

And then there's the not so subtle suggestive imagery of balls and pins, of sticking fingers into the holes of the bowling ball...etc.


The Art of Multitasking

by Rauf Fadzilla

Now that's what I call multitasking!
If 21st century life makes you feel like somebody with a constant (and severe) case of attention deficit disorder, fear not, you are not alone.
Being able to juggle more than two things at any one time and focus on completing all your tasks at the same time is a necessary skill for any aspiring domestic hero.


Subculture fastforward

By Rauf Fadzilla

What would the future be like?
Pix credit: http://ty.rannosaur.us/10-interesting-subcultures/

Anthropologist Dick Hebdige wrote that subcultures can be identified through their fashions, mannerisms, and slang. They have their own belief system that outsiders might not understand.
I've always had an interest in futurism and long ago before my metamorphosis into a hairy chain smoking writer materialised, I dreamt of being a futurist.


Dream Walkers part 1

By Rauf Fadzillah 

Pix Credit: documentaryden.com
What is the dream realm?
Conventional science tells us that dreams are a collection of images, sounds and other stimuli that we receive during the day. But people have been able to foresee future events, communicate with departed loved ones and discover things that they never would have known through harnessing the power of their dreams. 

So what is the dream realm? 

Pix Credit:  www.culturerun.com

The Do Something Different (DSD) initiative is a social campaign that aims to put out a different activity based on a unique theme every week for three months.

Organised by CultureRun, the Do Something Different campaign intends to inspire young Malaysians to learn or try something new and exciting every week. The initiative is one that was created after realising the lack of new activities for young Malaysians.

by Victor Yap

Pix Credit:http: www.filmofilia.com

Avengers Assemble! Who’s excited about the Avengers movie? That one could be the ultimate comic book movie crossover, getting (almost) all the prime Marvel movie superheroes in one flick.

This is nothing new, though, as movies based on superhero comic books have been around for a while. Superman’s animated shorts were screened in cinemas starting 1941-43 and the first recognised Marvel film was the Captain America serial in 1944.

However, it must be said that this new surge of popularity is a new age of superhero films. Throughout the ‘90s, comic book movies had a bunch of hits and misses, creating cult-classics, popular franchises as well as flops as the years went on.

by Rauf Fadzilla

Read Part 1 right here.

Pix credit: www.duniakami.com/ding-dang

The plot to expose the conspiracy continues as we examine the actual cheap, plastic toys found inside the boxes and compare them against the propaganda machine's (TV commercial's) created perception.

Previously, we analysed the connection between the social media generation's/ Generation Y's obsession with trinkets. The result of the cheap toy manufacturer's dastardly and ingenious plot to create a generation obsessed with the small things.

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: http://mareikeen903.wordpress.com/

Soon there might be no more ISA. Here's a list of things to do in case you want to experience the ISA before it ceases to exist. No guarantees, folks.

by Victor Yap

Pix Credit: toonpool.com
Ever felt like you could cook a storm and be great at it after watching some cooking shows on the Asian Food Channel or one whole season of MasterChef US? And still look good while you’re at it?

It’s pretty simple to emulate the cooking style and flair like those seen on the TV. While trying to be like Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson will be a tall order, some of their practiced ease in the kitchen can certainly be copied. Being dashing and looking stylish like them while they cook is an even easier task.

5 Meals in Under 30 Minutes

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: new.everydaypeoplecartoons.com

I don’t feed anyone with the meals I cook, for fear of being charged with manslaughter. However, on my own, they are great money and time-savers.

Furthermore, it makes me feel rugged and independent - to be able to cook for myself - as opposed to those namby-pamby men who can’t survive on their own. I take out all the unnecessary stuff and only take the recipes at their empirical state, meaning these are in no way fancy dishes, but barbaric to the core.

by Hadi M. Nor
Pix Credit: peggyedlemen.blogspot.com

I have been staring at this blank sheet of digital paper for about 10 minutes now. It is annoying, really, for a writer to see a blank sheet of paper without knowing what to do with it.

Do you want to write a fiction piece but you just couldn’t finish or even start? Like the words of a famous Internet meme, “I know that feel, bro.” because I also love to write fiction but find myself stuck in the middle of the process.

Fret not, for I will share with you about how I deal with writer’s block!

by Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: Retrorush.com, Marvel Comics
The original anti-hero of the Marvel Universe...who strangely did not get an entry in the article below
The verdict is in. Tough guys rule and dweebs drool. Judging from the trend that has steadily progressed in recent years across all mediums of popular culture (movies, games, comics...etc), it would seem that we now prefer our heroes bloodier and towing the line between "good" and "bad".

Personally, I’ve always been more interested in the darker side of life and by the meaner characters that inhabit the fictitious worlds of popular culture. It took a while, but it would seem that I'm not alone anymore (thank God).

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: blogtoblague.com

It was the lowest point of my life. And it started with eating an entire chicken.

I went home from work after buying an ‘ayam golek’ (rolling chicken) and ate it all to get enough energy to tell this one girl I loved her. Then I went to a pub, told her, got rejected, and was - after midnight - on my ass, my legs spread out in front of me, puking while making sure none of the vomit touch my jeans, crying my eyes out, and hailing a cab.

All throughout this ordeal, the only thing inside my head was, “What are the top five songs for breakups or to crash and burn?”

by Farhana Ab Rahman

Pix Credit: saysawesome.blogspot.com
Women spend a lot of time and money shaving armpits, legs and the legendary unmentionables! Why do they need to go through such a troublesome periodical practice? When did this custom start and how did it become a trend?

If it’s for hygienic reasons, why don’t men to it too? Is it all a big conspiracy by the razor companies?

by Amir Hafizi

Pix credit: smokeysdaughter.blogspot.com
If you’re constantly complaining that you’re poor, you should stop reading this article and go get a job or something.

I know a lot of con-men, and they have revealed to me just how easy it is to make money, even for honest, hardworking kampung folk like me. Especially for kampung folk.

Here are some things you can do to be a millionaire. If you have land to plant things on - you can disprove the saying that money doesn’t grow on trees:

by Victor Yap

Pix Credit: hometheatre.com
Rows and rows of flatscreen displays...what is the perfect choice?
Flatscreen TVs have been experiencing price cuts all year round since LED-backlit LCD TVs were introduced into the market three years ago. With prices for the smallest LCD TVs dropping at an escalated rate, consumers are certainly encouraged and somewhat compelled to ditch their old TV sets for these fancy new ones.

So here’s the scenario: It’s roughly a month before Chinese New Year or Hari Raya (or some other upcoming festive season) and you feel it is the right time to change that old TV set that is cluttering up the new fancy living room cabinet. Determined for change, you now have enough motivation to part with some hard-earned cash and have decided to buy a brand new flatscreen TV with all the innovative features and intuitive functions one can cram into that super-slim chassis. This, of course, includes 3D rendering capability - a must have!

But wait…there is a problem: which one to get?

Language Violated

by HaDi m. NoR ~cRaZyDiaMonD~

Pix Credit: www.intoon.com
Thousands of years ago, after eons of evolution and adaptation, mankind decided that having a form of communication was vital. This primitive form of language probably started with grunts, moans and “ooh-ooh”. Based solely on the intonations of their grunting, this primitive form of communication may sound the same but each tone and form could be entirely different things.

“Ooh ooh uh.” – Give me some food. OR Get your own food. OR I’ve made a painting on the cave’s wall.

Webcomics Avenue


by Victor Yap

Pix Credit: Megatokyo, Fred Gallagher
Largo from the Megatokyo webcomic is always ready to add a little l33t sp34k to his speech.
Note: Megatokyo was one of the first webcomics to go mainstream and spread the sp34k l33t (speak leet) culture.
It is a known fact that most comic fans love to draw, and would have tried their hand at producing a comic - be it a panel or an entire book. Some may even have considered or pursued a full-time job that allows them to create and publish their very own comics

As passionate as they may be, many Malaysian comic artists find it difficult to look for opportunities that can help them publish their comics. The same can be said of independent artists overseas as well.

by Niswatul Karimah

Pix Credit: makecakeidea.net Cake:
One of the main  reasons people go to weddings
What question you ask? This of course: “When will you get married!?!”

Having so many weddings taking place over the last two years, due to some magic with dates, matching numbers, novel memories, and for wanting "Dragon Year" babies, which both Chinese and non-Chinese seem to be crazy about, the above question has become a very common annoyance as of late.


Science - The Buzzkill

by Hadi M. Nor

Pix Credit: http://historeo.com/
Too much facts!
I’ve tried writing a poem before but I did not succeed. Whenever I try to construct and arrange words to form a beautiful metaphor, my subconscious self would remind me of why these metaphors could never work.

It is because of scientific facts.  I know that the metaphor in a poem should not be taken literally but I can’t help it. When I try to write, these scientific facts breathe down my neck like a stern, nerdy parent.


Stupid Job Requirements


by Niswatul Karimah

Pix Credit: Canary Pete, Sourced: http://www.thedigeratilife.com
Are you a fresh graduate and actively looking for a job? Then, this article is mainly prepared for you as a ‘guide’ to get a job that will suit you well.

Let’s look at the job requirements that you are applying for right now. Does the list looks like what was written in the picture below?


Hackweekend 3 - "Make Apps Not War"


by Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: Hackweekend
If you would like to take a shot at developing the next hot new program or simply see what all the fuss is about, look out for the next instalment of  the now popular Hackweekend series Hackweekend 3 - "Make Apps, Not War" (cool poster huh?).

To be held on the 31st March 2012 at Pusat Sains Negara, this event will be a 24 hour marathon of epic proportions, featuring creative madness and wanton self-flagellation (just kidding).


Weird Ways of Dieting


by Ridhatul Rizki Sayuti

Pix Credti: thechive.com
Mmm... sushi...
Everyone has their dream body weight and figure. Most of them would do anything to lose or gain weight. Anything from having a balanced healthy diet to even sometimes putting themselves at risk.

There are also many bizarre ways to get that ideal shape, ranging from the desperate to the extremely creative. Here are three ways that people use to lose weight.

by Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: http://www.suanie.net
(The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist. KuihLapisKu does not endorse any opinions on the topic unless specified.)

Every generation has something that defines it. Similarly, their collective personalities are driven by a trend (or several trends) that come from their shared subconscious history.

Without even realising it, these trends and products undoubtedly influenced the way in which this generation grew up and the habits that they display as they age into adulthood.


The Window Rattlers


by Hadi M. Nor

Pix Credit: KuihLapisKu
 A few years ago, I told my girlfriend that I snore. We broke up the week after.

I apologize for sending you the wrong message here. We did not break up because I snore; that would’ve been very shallow. We broke up because I didn’t reply her text message once.

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: Coverscript.com
For us, it would be easier to have a Justice League of Malaysia, comprising of superheroes.
A lot of people say they want to write movies, but they never do. For some, it is perhaps because they like the idea of writing, but not do the actual writing. Because if you love to wield the pen, then you would hunker down, shut up, and write. 

The few locals that want to or are already writing might be intimidated by the Malaysian film scene since it is a unique industry. Indeed, the country has no national-level Writer’s Guild, which means it’s everyone for him-or-herself out there.


Personality through Cartoons

by Hanna Hussein

Pix Credit: All characters are copyright to their respective owners and productions studios
It's like one big happy family!
Everyone loves cartoons. In some cases even adults get addicted to and are fascinated by them. Without realising it, your preference for them may be a somewhat true reflection of your personality.


Tok Bomoh: The Perfect Supervillain


by Hadi M. Nor
Pix Credit tukartiub.blogsot.comHeath Ledger could’ve played this character very well.
You probably remember Cicak Man, a Malaysian superhero film starring Saiful Apek as our hero and Aznil Nawawi as the antagonist, Prof. Klon. Prof. Klon in the film reminds the audience too much of Jim Carrey’s The Riddler in Batman Forever (1995).

We need to have our own supervillain, a character Malaysia is familiar with instead of a poor rendition of The Riddler. I propose a Tok Bomoh.


Useless Things People Have In Their Car


By Hadi M. Nor

Pix Credit: KuihLapisKu
We wuv you~!
We care about you, so we compiled this list. Please get rid of any items we mention from your car because we don’t want you to turn into a repulsive hoarder.

There are things in your car that don’t belong there but you choose to keep them because you’re too lazy to throw them out or you feel that you may need them.  We know what you’re thinking. “It’s my car! You can’t control me!”

by Victor Yap

Pix Credit: Universal Studios Singapore
Now when can we get an attraction like that in Malaysia?
So you want to work in Hollywood eventhough none of you look like Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba or even possess the acting talent of the weird-looking Steve Buscemi. You may possess some ability with the camera and basic movie editor skills but Steven Speilberg or Martin Scorsese you are not.

Even if you do have any of the above, you still have to consider the air fare, which may go up to as much as several thousand Ringgit for a one-way ticket to Hollywood. Fret not on such challenges, you young aspiring creatives, as there be some positive activies that are occuring within the local creative industry.

by Hanna Hussein
Pix Credit: longsphotogallery.blogspot.com

Watching the 'Fast and Furious' series that stars heart-throbs Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has certainly motivated many Malaysians to transform their cars into souped-up swinger mobiles. Heard of the familiar saying: your car defines your personality? Indeed, you might as well modify it into an awesome ride that you can be proud of.

However, many vehicle mods that Malaysians fantasised about were made illegal by the Road Transportation Department (JPJ). Despite the prohibition, many take no heed of the laws in place as most of them are filthy rich people who own Porches, Audis and BMWs and consider RM200 to be loose change.

Indie Music Production

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: seanoterecording.com
So you play music. Or think you have a good voice. You may have a band, or not. You want to join your favourite stars and come up with your own album.

Here are two good pieces of news for you - most popular local artistes today record albums on their own, and you can do so for cheaps! In other words, recording an album can go for a song. Heh.

by Hanna Hussein

Pix Credit: yapthomas.com
Kuala Lumpur (KL) citizens are known to be the friendliest people. They can be very gentle and easy-going towards one another and also towards foreigners, but when they are put behind the wheel, they tend to have the common attitude of "Me-First-People"! 

Well, I don't really want to judge, but you make the call - do KL folk drive this way?


Whatever Happened to Mix Tape Culture?


by Rauf Fadzilla
Pix Credit: http://scottboms.com/2007/12/the-tips-of-my-ears/
Remember those wind-up sticky labelled mix tapes back when backstreet was back and Warren G was regulating?

Those were the days of Atari consoles and 8 track players, back when ingenuity and innovation was a part of everything, way before the simple 'download to playlist' and 'click to burn' tools of today's pampered generation Y'ers.

by Hanna Hussein
Pix Credit: parlorfm.tumblr.com
“Obviously, you’re paying half for this.”
How often do you go out on a date with your girlfriend? Twice a week? Maybe every day?  And how much does it actually cost you for romantic dates – including lunch and dinner at exclusive restaurants, movies, fuel and maybe shopping? Probably RM2000++ a month. Wow! Can you really afford that if you're not some rich-man's son?

Well, you can play the gentleman to impress your girlfriend but pampering her with cash is not the way. It will only burden you with debts, and of course you don't want that, do you? 

by Hadi M. Nor

Pix Credit: telegraph.co.uk
It’s shameful really, knowing that society needs to be educated on manners when watching a movie.

Going to the cinema is one of the most popular and favoured activities because of its suitability for any occasion such as a date, time with family or an outing with friends, even to hire a contract killer. It is one of the best ways to spend time with someone or a group of people without talking to each other.

by Amir Hafizi

I grew up as a proud member of Generation X. Gen-Xers have a comic book named after them, the letter ‘X’ in their name and were also taken to the next level by WWE’s Degeneration X, made up of wrestlers Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and a bunch of other people.

Pix Credit: http://whatculture.com, rights: WWE
That's right chumps...it's DX. Problem?

When I joined the workforce some eight or nine years ago, some people told me I was not from Generation X but from Generation Y, because I was born in 1980 - the start of Gen-Y.

Distraught at losing my X-Factor, I ran back to my village in Kuantan where my family told me I am from a lost generation, as Gen-X ended in 1978 and Gen-Y started after 1982.


Why the QWERTY keyboard?

By Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: qwerty-definition.seebyseeing.net
The QWERTY keyboard.
Ever wondered why the keyboard keys are arranged this way?

The QWERTY keyboard, named for the arrangement of letters on the top left row of the alphanumeric keyboard is the most common arrangement for keys on a keyboard or typewriter.

By Hadi M. Nor
Pix Credit: KuihLapisKu

Whenever my friends and I get together and they start talking about topics I am clueless about, I just keep quiet and play with my phone (usually I'd be in the midst of refreshing my Twitter timeline for about a few dozen times). But when they start talking about football players, I would suddenly jump into the conversation and throw in my two-cents as if I’m Shebby Singh. While I sound like a fanatic, in actual fact, I don’t watch football as often as my friends do.

Only during major clashes between big teams and cup finals are the times I will watch the beautiful game on TV. If I missed an important match, I try to keep a lookout for the highlights. But my source of information does not come from whatever I watch. Instead, my football knowledge is extensive because I am an avid fan of football games. My current poison is: FIFA 12 for the PlayStation 3.

By Hadi M. Nor
Pix Credit: http://xkcd.com/148
As Malaysians, we have our own slang in speaking and writing English like adding the word ‘-lah’ in our sentences and speaking the ‘Rojak Language’. For example, “Macha, the makan place at your house there, cun ar?” (Possibly the most 1Malaysia sentence ever written.)

It’s okay that we have our own slang like other countries do and speak English in our own mother tongue’s intonations but words, however, must be said correctly.

by Hadi M. Nor

Pix Credit: http://watches.lovetoknow.com
Some of us were not born with the talent of waking up on time in the morning. Even with the help of an alarm clock, we somehow manage to ignore its calling. It’s easy to do this especially if you’re a heavy sleeper like myself. The snooze button has been a very understanding friend of mine all these years but it has pampered me too much. For all heavy sleepers around the world, we need hard-love.

These are some of the alarm clocks that are made not only to wake you up but to annoy you by doing so.


We’ll Only Vote Online

by Rauf Fadzilla

Pix Credit: http://politicaladvertising.co.uk

It’s been two months since the Election Commission reported that 3.7 million Malaysians aged 21 and above have not registered as voters, and looks like they are still doing nothing about it. Nothing effective, at least. 

It’s been two months since the Election Commission reported that 3.7 million Malaysians aged 21 and above have not registered as voters, and looks like they are still doing nothing about it. Nothing effective, at least.

by Amir Hafizi

Pix credit:  Matt Groening and Fox Broadcasting Company
I’ll tell you a secret - I never had money to buy comics as a child. My family was poor, so the only thing I could do to enjoy comics (and I do love them) was to read newspapers and online reviews of comics. Only after I landed a job did I finally manage to buy all the comics I wanted... and get myself into credit card debt, but that’s another story. 

For years, in order to borrow comics from my geekier friends, I faked it. I didn’t lie. I just faked it, and no other comics fans figured it out. Or so I think.

by Amir Hafizi

Pix Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckinthemetal/

Thailand is just great, fantastic fun. I didn’t spend five years in Thailand, but I did spend most of my vacation time in Thailand for five years. What I discovered was a wealth of beauty, fun and excitement. I really do love Thailand, believe it is the source of all power, and I’m sharing all of it with you right here, right now.

Here are some of my best discoveries in Bangkok and Phuket, for those new explorers:

Marvel Vs DC

by Amir Hafizi

Pix credit: Marvel Comics and http://www.comicbookmovie.com/

The giant Marvel vs DC fight was over more than a decade ago, as comics fans generally grew up and took on a (hopefully) more mature stand and viewpoint of the medium. Still, the companies fight to make more money and generate more interest in a declining medium, but the fans today are calmer and much harder to be turned into mindless zealots, we pray.

The people who still think a Marvel vs DC stand-off is good may be people insecure with their sexuality or girls who think that the world is always divided by grouchy fights between two sides.


Alternatives to Expensive Weddings

by Amir Hafizi
Pix credit: http://www.weddingx.net/

Today’s weddings are purely egotistical, in the sense it is done simply to show off to other people, or to maintain ‘face’ value, which is not real value. The truth remains that no matter how successful your wedding is, if your marriage sucks, it sucks. Especially if the foundation is pure fakery and delusion.

A wedding nowadays can cost you anywhere between RM30,000 - RM120,000 for us normal people. For the ‘special ones’, you might be spending around RM1-RM3 million.  I say screw expensive weddings.

by Amir Hafizi

Pix credit: http://news.mmogamesite.com

Recently, I got hooked with a game called Call of Gods by Koramgame and for the first time ever, I spent RM20 to buy virtual gold coins. What did I do with the gold? Sacrificed one of my heroes to level up another one.

It was thrilling, to have some ‘gold coins’ that only money can buy (no in-game mechanics allow you to get gold coins), and pretty soon, I spent another RM50 to sacrifice another hero and buy materials with which I can transmute into some great equipment.


Which Sell-Out Movie To Make

by Amir Hafizi

Pix credit: http://www.visitingdc.com
Some film producers and hopefuls or wannabes in this country talk of taking their films overseas. In this case, it is perhaps best to do what you do best and tell stories only you can tell. Statistics do not help you make a better movie.

If you make movies based on statistics, you’re being insincere in your craft and your movies will be forgotten even if you hop up and down naked, wearing a sandwich board with the movie’s poster for the rest of your natural life.


How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

by Amir Hafizi

So you check your credit card bills either online or you’re reading the statement they send you every month. Your knees start to shake - and not with pleasure. Your mouth becomes dry and makes an ‘O’ as you put your hands on your cheeks. 

Everything in this world seems to melt away in a spiral of colours. You are either stuck in an Edvard Munch painting, an over-the-top drama queen, or you are in credit card debt!