by HaDi m. NoR ~cRaZyDiaMonD~

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Thousands of years ago, after eons of evolution and adaptation, mankind decided that having a form of communication was vital. This primitive form of language probably started with grunts, moans and “ooh-ooh”. Based solely on the intonations of their grunting, this primitive form of communication may sound the same but each tone and form could be entirely different things.

“Ooh ooh uh.” – Give me some food. OR Get your own food. OR I’ve made a painting on the cave’s wall.

Looking at how we communicate today, it seems as if we’ve gone back to those glory days when men were hairy and women were just slightly less hairy. Maybe.

Pix Credit: fayberet.blogspot.comBack in the day, this was a summer blockbuster – Oog, Ahh Uh Uh!
Just take a quick glance at social media timelines and you’d think cavemen fashioned a time machine and started Tweeting.

Take for example the local twists that have plagued the national language:

The insertion of ‘ew’ in words that end with ‘a’ and ‘e’ such as ‘Sayew’, ‘kenapew’, ‘manewadew’, etc.

The replacement of ‘ng’ with ‘nk’, as well as the letter ‘s’ with ‘c’ such as ‘Cayunk’, ‘korunk’, ‘Cayew’, etc.

The replacement of the words ‘no’ or ‘tak’ with ‘x’ for example, “Cayunkawak, tao x? Hehehe.”

Uncoordinated capitalisation of letters such as “SayEwAdeWjeWkAtUmaH. aWakLeWtaKNakjumPewSayEw. XD”

If that is an eye-sore, then it would be a heart-breaking experience for all to see how the international language of choice, English, has been raped and twisted till it’s beyond recognition.

There is no possible trace or legit history as to where this modern-day culture rape of the language came from. Even the investigative prowess of journalists and the innate skills of super-sleuths Scooby-Doo are no match! However, one thing is definitely clear: the prominent scar on the beautiful face of Mother Language!

Many, if not all, cannot deny that there was a time when such crude practices were used in their writing before. Perhaps, it is a recurring problem even now. Once, the Myspace nick of yours truly was HaDi ~cRaZyDiaMonD~ … certainly not one my proudest moments on the worldwide web.

If someone were to ask me why I used this kind of spelling back then, I would’ve replied “because it looked cool.” I was young and pretty foolish back then. I’ve realised that it was a really silly thing to do especially now that I am older and, well, just a little wiser.

I thought the trend would have faded away like any plain pop-culture. How wrong and na├»ve I was! Here I am minding my own business when I happen to come across the hideous legacy of this forsaken practice – the mutated form of this poor and tasteless writing style. The culprits are of my age, no less! They were commenting on a mutual friend’s photo.

“OmG! U looK so cuTe (=^_^=)”

I’m not emoticon-savvy but I’m pretty sure that the one shown above (and used in the reply) is inappropriate and lewd.

Readers, I implore you to stop typing LiKeThiS.  It is not acceptable and the majority of Internet users find it annoying. If you want to look cute, there is always this emoticon :3

Together, let’s make this atrocity as obsolete as the hairstyles of the 80s!

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Back, demon! Back to the fiery abyss!

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