by Hanna Hussein
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Watching the 'Fast and Furious' series that stars heart-throbs Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has certainly motivated many Malaysians to transform their cars into souped-up swinger mobiles. Heard of the familiar saying: your car defines your personality? Indeed, you might as well modify it into an awesome ride that you can be proud of.

However, many vehicle mods that Malaysians fantasised about were made illegal by the Road Transportation Department (JPJ). Despite the prohibition, many take no heed of the laws in place as most of them are filthy rich people who own Porches, Audis and BMWs and consider RM200 to be loose change.

What about the working class people who drive MYVIs and Sagas? They might want to be ‘car rempits’ too! Plus, modifying their cars based on current laws won't harm anyone, right? They just want to have cool and catchy cars.

Here are several mods that some Malaysians want on their cars but have to follow strict JPJ scrutiny. Do what you want, but keep this saying in mind: knowing is half the battle.

1.     Tinted glass installation
Malaysia is a sunny (and hot!) country. Installing tinted glass for your car would definitely protect you from UV light and excess heat. However, according to Rule 5 (a) and 5 (3) of the Motor Vehicles in the Amendment 2000 of JPJ, the tint on the front windshield must be lower than 70%, while the back and sides should must be lower than 50%. Well, some feel that it's enough, most don't believe 50% is good as they would like darker tints because it makes the car look way cooler. 

Well, I guess they are right since Malaysia IS hot, so why not?

2.      Using fancy vehicle registration number plate
There are 3 forms of plates allowed which are:
  • White letters and numbers attached or embossed on black frames;
  • White letters and numbers attached or embossed on red frames – embassies, UN and International Natural Rubber Association.
  • Black letters and numbers embossed on a white frame – taxi or rental car 
  • Here are the current guidelines:

3.      Installing HID lighting
High intensity discharge (HID) headlamps do not use filament lamps but Xenon gas instead, which by law is not permitted. However, there is a loophole: you can install the lighting system that has SIRIM approved HID lamps. Yeah, it really looks stylish and sporty with those HID lights. 

But did you know that it can interfere with vision and may be harmful to other road users?

4.      Changing Engine
Many would like to custom make their cars into something extreme such as changing the engine from the basic Wira 1.5 to Turbo 2.0 or MIVEC 2.0. JPJ sometimes do not allow changes - usually adding 30% more to the original engine capacity because it is unsafe. Although most feel that there is no problems doing so but that doesn't mean it is danger-free. Perhaps, it would be better for you to buy a new car rather than go through with all the hassle.

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