by Ridhatul Rizki Sayuti

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Mmm... sushi...
Everyone has their dream body weight and figure. Most of them would do anything to lose or gain weight. Anything from having a balanced healthy diet to even sometimes putting themselves at risk.

There are also many bizarre ways to get that ideal shape, ranging from the desperate to the extremely creative. Here are three ways that people use to lose weight.
1. Fun Diet: Sex Diet

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But if you snack in between sex...

Doesn't it sound good to have your ideal weight by having sex regularly? It does, right?
The ultimate sex diet not only gives you that ideal weight but also gives you great skin and hair. It’s like having a good workout, while also dealing with some pleasure-inducing chemicals such as dopamine in your brain.

A sex diet is a lifestyle which maximizes the health benefits of regular sex. It is not technically a diet in the sense of a food-based regimen, but colloquially one pillar of a system meant to improve health.

The Times of India suggests having sex with your partner three to five times during the week and at least once (or more) on the weekend. An author of The Ultimate Sex Diet, Kerry McCloskey, estimates that a half hour of sex burns about 200 calories.

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The book that explains it all!
So ladies, pull your man and do your thing!

2. Bizarre Diet: Insect Diet
Having insects on our plate for dinner could be disgusting for us. But almost 80% of the countries in the world eat more than 1,000 insect species. Mexicans eat deep-fried grasshoppers and the Japanese love wasp cookies. Meanwhile leafcutter ants are considered a delicacy in Colombia, as are some caterpillars in South Africa. In Thailand, people cook everything from water beetles to bamboo worms.

Insects as food (known as entomophagy) are increasingly being promoted as an alternative which is more healthy, nutritious and sustainable than mainstream staples such as chicken, beef and fish. 

Crickets are a great substitute for beef, offering the same amount of proteins and more iron. Waxmoth larvae are high in omega 3, 6 and 9, traditionally found in fish, but have no mercury.

The Guardian reported that insects will be an important part of the UK diet by 2020, say scientists. Ew, can't imagine that happening here in Malaysia.

3. Risky Diet: The Parasitic Worm Diet
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This is the most dangerous way to diet. In order to lose weight, one has to swallow parasitic worms and the idea behind this is that those worms will eat up the fat and other nutrients from your body.

In Hong Kong, this kind of diet became a trend until the nation's Department of Health had to issue a safety alert advising against 'parasite weight control'.

This diet is said to have started in the 1930s when a merchant promoted the act of ingesting tapeworm eggs to lose weight.

No wonder we hardly had any obese people back then.
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