by Farhana Ab Rahman

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Women spend a lot of time and money shaving armpits, legs and the legendary unmentionables! Why do they need to go through such a troublesome periodical practice? When did this custom start and how did it become a trend?

If it’s for hygienic reasons, why don’t men to it too? Is it all a big conspiracy by the razor companies?
Removing unwanted hair from the armpit is an additional task among women. When I was younger, I would pluck my hair and it would always freak me out. I couldn't stand the pain but I had to go through it to make my armpit look clean. Then came the razor, but the more I shaved it, the faster it grew! And it doesn't help that hair-removing agents are expensive in our country. I only have two choices and plucking is the best option. But why do women need to remove their armpit hair but men don't even shave and they are not judged as the bad guys?

As it is generally understood, shaving your armpits is a lifestyle choice. A lot of women choose to go through with it because they somehow feel more feminine and, in a way, practice good hygiene. Perhaps it is most likely because it is more masculine to be hairy. That, and the added pressure from society on how people should look like means people always strive to look the best they can. 

In a recent study, researchers in Switzerland found that samples taken from female armpits had different and mostly higher levels of a sulfur-containing compounds than those found in the sweat samples taken from male armpits: 5 milligrams in female sweat compared to 0.5 milligrams in male sweat.
This means that female armpit sweat is ten times more likely to repel snakes - a species known for their distaste of sulfur. In that case, perhaps Julia Roberts may have a snake infestation at her home.

Ten years ago, Roberts turned heads at the premiere for her film "Notting Hill" when onlookers realised that the pretty woman hadn't shaved her armpits. 

Even if such a faux pas occurred, there are plenty of reasons for women to shave their armpits - some practical and most societal, but not many people flaunt their body hair as proudly as Roberts. Some women say it's more comfortable, some would rather not have their image dictated by popular culture while some may just not feel like shaving every day. 

Honestly, I still pluck them, though.

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