by Niswatul Karimah

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One of the main  reasons people go to weddings
What question you ask? This of course: “When will you get married!?!”

Having so many weddings taking place over the last two years, due to some magic with dates, matching numbers, novel memories, and for wanting "Dragon Year" babies, which both Chinese and non-Chinese seem to be crazy about, the above question has become a very common annoyance as of late.
The question seems to be the usual conversation starter among families, especially when you breached the 20 years barrier and have achieved the following: finished your studies, already employed and have somehow been painted as a target for everyone you meet, especially among relatives, to ask the BIG question.

Hey, does it mean people care about you? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps they may have someone in mind for you? How does that sound? Cue the pained cry of: NOOOoooo~!!!

Why not try some of these answers the next time someone asks you that question again. You might get very irritated responses or get a better conversational topic going:

1.      I got no money
Usually people think that a woman should not reply to the question with “My savings are not enough for the wedding”. The person who asked you will say that as a woman, you don’t have to worry about money. You should only prepare yourself for the man who will marry you later.

If it goes that far, then try this: “I’m not a prostitute, you fool!”

2.      Everything is not about you!
We don’t have to do anything to please anyone. A marriage is very important. And it’s your life, so it’s not about her/him, but all about you. While it is great to celebrate your wedding with friends and family, above all else, it is never about the other folk. Or maybe, you can get out of this person’s line of questioning by making it about them. 

The bolder approach would be to say: “I’m not getting married just to irritate you!”

3.      Only God knows!
I don’t know about it and, frankly, you don’t know too. Only God knows what’s in store for the future. I’m not God. If you’re God, please tell me when I am getting married and to whom.  

4.      Very soon…
“…with your husband!” (or for men) “...If you are looking for someone, then I’m standing in front of you now!” Cheeky and very in-the-face, though only use this with good friends and family.

5.      I’m waiting for Anuar Zain
“Do you know why Anuar Zain is the hottest bachelor in Malaysia? Do you ever wonder why he hasn’t gotten married yet?” (pause)

“I’ll tell you the reason why. It is because he has not bumped into me. One fine day, he will drive to my house, knock on my door, and kneel before me to propose. Did I answer your question just now?” 

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