by Hadi M. Nor

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Some of us were not born with the talent of waking up on time in the morning. Even with the help of an alarm clock, we somehow manage to ignore its calling. It’s easy to do this especially if you’re a heavy sleeper like myself. The snooze button has been a very understanding friend of mine all these years but it has pampered me too much. For all heavy sleepers around the world, we need hard-love.

These are some of the alarm clocks that are made not only to wake you up but to annoy you by doing so.

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NANDA Clocky Alarm Clock
Imagine chasing a smaller and much faster version of R2D2 around your room in the morning. That is exactly what it is like if you have Clocky on your nightstand.
Clocky is an alarm that will prevent you from snoozing. It is built with wheels to force you to chase it around to turn it off. If Clocky is placed on a nightstand, it will fall off and roll around the floor. Yes, it is very durable, which means it can go down the stairs as well. It produces robotic beeps in random patterns as it rolls around.

However, its wheels feature can be turned off if one prefers the more traditional alarm clock but this is not recommended because that is what makes you get out of bed.

You can Clocky get for RM119.00 here.

Gun O Clock Shooting Alarm Clock
One of the pleasures that most of us cannot get is the satisfaction of shooting a ringing alarm clock with a handgun. Gun O’Clock offers the next best thing.

The Gun O’Clock has a bullseye target that you must shoot with the toy gun provided (Real guns are not recommended) in order to turn it off. Its beeping sound will not cease until you pull off a perfect shot to the bullseye.

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It’s a fun game to play but aiming a gun to shoot a perfect shot first thing in the morning is not exactly an amusing activity but it sure will “start your day with a bang.”

You can get Gun O’Clock for RM78.00 here.

Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock
Previous alarm clocks that we’ve shown in this article are arguably fun but the Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock is anything but. It forces you to workout as soon as you wake up.

When the Dumbbell Alarm Clock beeps, you have to lift it 30 times in order to turn it off. It only works when you lift it upwards and there is an LCD screen on its side to show you how many times it must be lifted before it stops beeping. Hold on, it gets worse…

While you lift it, it will continuously beep and only stop when you’ve done 30 lifts. Yes, it’s the most malicious among the alarm clocks league. The experience is almost similar to being yelled at by your gym instructor.

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Working out in the morning will keep you energetic and motivated throughout the day. But do you really want to exercise right after you wake up? In all fairness, this product serves its purpose well as a dumbbell and, more importantly, an alarm clock.

The price ranges from RM35.00-RM40.00 and you can get them here.

PuZZed is an alarm application for Blackberry that will make your love for your phone dwindle.

Imagine waking up to a math question. That’s what puZZed will do. It will give you five math questions that you have to solve to turn the alarm off. The math questions, however, are not as easy as “2 + 2 = ?” but much more difficult ones like “354 – 287 = ?” You have to answer 5 equations like this.

Moreover, they give you different questions everyday, so memorizing the answers would be futile. For those who hate mathematics, this application will wake you up to a nightmare.

PuZZed also provides another option besides math questions which is re-typing quotes. A quote will be displayed on screen and you must re-type it with absolute accuracy. If a letter or a punctuation mark is not at its right place, you will not be able to disable the alarm.

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You can choose sounds or songs from your phone as the alarm. Choosing your favorite song would be a bad decision. It will make you hate it. I myself use Slipknot’s Psychosocial.

You can download PuZZed for free from Blackberry Appworld.

Flying Alarm Clock
Do not get excited by its name. This is not an alarm clock that magically floats in the air (Not a bad idea, actually).

The Flying Alarm Clock looks like the helicopter hat in Doraemon (‘ta-ke copta’ or ‘bamboo copter’). There is a key attached to the base that will fly up by an attached propeller when the alarm goes off. The alarm can only be disabled when the key is retrieved and reinserted into its base.

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This alarm clock requires less chasing than Clocky, but imagine living in a tall building and the propeller-driven key flies out your bedroom window.

You can get the Flying Alarm Clock for RM99.00 here.