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The Do Something Different (DSD) initiative is a social campaign that aims to put out a different activity based on a unique theme every week for three months.

Organised by CultureRun, the Do Something Different campaign intends to inspire young Malaysians to learn or try something new and exciting every week. The initiative is one that was created after realising the lack of new activities for young Malaysians.

The campaign will be held between 12th May to 15th July. It will start off with DSD weekends with different classes being hosted every weekend around different themes. This will start off with “Life Skills” on the weekend of 12th May. Other themes include Music, Dance & Fashion, Arts, Language and Culture, Food & Drinks and Bringing KL to life, to name just a few. These classes will all be charged at a flat rate of RM50.

27th June will see the onset of DSD weeknights, which will be, targeted more at young working professionals with shorter easygoing classes/activities. The themes for these nights vary from film screenings, guerilla craft night, Giant board games and even a speed dating night. The cost for the DSD weeknights will vary and has yet to be confirmed.

The campaign will end on 14th & 15th July 2012 with Social Awareness weekend – with organizations such as Change Your World & Loyar Burok currently confirmed to conduct workshops/talks. The days will include performances and entertainment. The idea is to create consciousness of the issues affecting Malaysia & the world today, encouraging young Malaysians to take action. Entry to the events on these days will be free of charge.

Tickets for DSD weekends & weeknights can be purchased through www.culturerun.com and absolutely no walk‐ins will be permitted. There will also be packages available for purchase, as well as discounts for students.

Going with CultureRun’s aim of bringing together people from all walks of life, through common interests and passion, a portion of the tickets will be available for sponsorship to sponsor youths from dysfunctional families to attend these workshops/classes.

All classes will be held across Kuala Lumpur at a number of venue partners. Chatime Galleria, The Bee and Tea Republic have all been confirmed, with more to follow.

The hope behind DSD is to foster new interests and hobbies. CultureRun hopes to help young Malaysians lead a more active learned lifestyle through the discovery of new passions. Beyond the end of campaign, they will be able to pursue these interests through the CultureRun platform by sharing or learning new skills and activities.

For more information, to buy tickets, sponsor a youth, host a class or to even offer your skill in teaching a ShareShop, kindly contact Su‐Wen at 012‐2290787 or suwen@cultureyard.com.my

More information can be found on the website – www.culturerun.com.

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